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This premium quality gift box is a luxury alternative to our standard eco friendly box whilst still being climate neutral.

It features a red ribbon printed on it and is larger so you can add even more items to your box!


Add this item to your basket to start creating your own gift box! The price includes:

  • gift box
  • wrapping
  • postage
  • notecard


You can then choose up to 10 products to create your own gift! Please note only one candle per gift box due to weight/postage costs


Don't forget to add your personalised message, notecard and name/address of the lucky recipient.


If you would like your gift delivered for a specific date (e.g. a birthday), just let us know the date in the 'do not open until' box and we will add a 'do not open until... ' sticker on the front 



Luxury Gift Box and Postage-Add up to 10 items

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